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IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem

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Add GUI option to view, select and modify mirror write priority of Volumes

Currently it is not possible to specify the mirror write priority parameter in the GUI during Volume Creation. The system allows two options for mirrored volumes: latency (which is the default) and redundancy. In some customer environments it is c...
2 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 0 Under review

Alert for AC Power missing on Fs9500

Fs9500 is considered Enterprise Storage. When AC power is missing, IBM service notification is NOT opened. Other Enterprise Storage like A9K and Ds8K are reporting this event. Moreover, even if Fs9500 is equipped with 4 different PSU, since AC pow...
about 2 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 6 Under review

Increase limits for hosts and host ports per SVC IO-group / per system

Can IBM increase for SVC clusters following v8.6.x limitations ? 1. Fibre Channel hosts per system 2. Fibre Channel hosts per I/O group 3. Fibre Channel host ports per I/O group 4. Number of Host mappable Volumes 5. Number of supported logins per ...
7 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 1 Future consideration

Provide RWX Block Storage for Kubevirt/Openshift Virtualization

Kubevirt ( hugely benefits from the fact that you can do a live migration (like a vmotion) from VMs in a Kubernetes Cluster.Since VMs are just pods these pods cannot be migrated, but need to be created and deleted. To achieve ...
9 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 10 Future consideration

Please provide OS support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for IBM Block Storage CSI driver

IBM Block Storage CSI driver already provided for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but this version is end of life april 2025. We and our customers plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in the next time.
4 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 7 Planned for future release

Replication policy - Timer for Recovery Copy Sync

We currently see a countdown for the # of TiB remaining, would it be possible to add a time showing the approximate amount of time unles the recovery copy is in sync?
16 days ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 1 Under review

implement an "auto" setting for volume mirror sync rate

currently the volume mirror sync rate can only be set to a fixed value. while it's great to have this real-time setting, it would be even more helpful to also have an "auto" setting for it to have the system decide at which rate it can sync/format...
3 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 0 Under review

Increase consistency group 512 volume maximum to at least 2048

Current IBMi client has 498 volumes running on FS9500. Existing DS8K systems each have over 1,500 volume, preventing them from using more FlashSystems. Minimum # of volumes would need to be 2,048 but more would account for future growth.
4 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 1 Under review

Provide a secure erase certificate when the "chdrive -task erase" command is ran

Securely erasing storage media is more important than ever. While IBM does provide whitepapers explaining that the "chdrive -task erase" command does a NIST 800-88 secure erase, there is no documented confirmation after the fact for record keeping...
25 days ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 1 Under review

Ability to clear HBA port counters from port statistics without reboot

Part of ongoing monitoring, and also as troubleshooting aid after a repair is completed, it would be great to have ability to clear FC HBA port statistics. Note: Counters referred to are the CRC errors, loss of sync, etc which can only be cleared ...
5 months ago in IBM Spectrum Virtualize / FlashSystem 1 Under review