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IBM TS7700

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Ability to change the time zone of TS7700 / TSSC NTP server etc currently stuck with UTC

I had a case open with IBM as we have setup alerting for the TSSC and TS7700 devices which go to a logging and monitoring tool. We noticed that the time on the events that were coming from the devices were in UTC. After looking at changing the tim...
22 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Under review

Support larger tape ranges in the Selective Device Access Control tape range table

The SDAC tape range table supports 50 entries total. A range of A00000-A99999 covers 100K tape volumes. My client uses letters in the second position of the tape volser (A-Z). I have to enter a range such as AA0000-AA9999 (covers 10K tape volumes)...
7 months ago in IBM TS7700 0 Future consideration

TS77 should write SMF as DS8* systems do

Hi, as everybody else who uses TS7700, we also use BVIR (available within Tape Tools). BVIR makes it possible to get the reports about TS7700 performance, usage, virtual volumes, physical volumes, etc.. Unfortunately, right now we don’t really ...
about 2 years ago in IBM TS7700 0 Planned for future release

Add duplicate volser tolerance to copy export merge and cluster/grid merge process

I attached a präsentation about this requirement
over 1 year ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

TS7770 - Copy of TCT objects written by DS8910 on a TS7770 bucket to physical tape

BrB - Banco de Brasilia, is requesting our support to have objects stored on TS77700 through DS8910 TCT function been moved physical tape.
over 2 years ago in IBM TS7700 0 Planned for future release

TS7700 - Customer request 3rd or 4th level power redundancy within the frame - critical outage occurred because building power maintenance left the TS7700 running on one PDU and that one failed. Without addtional redundancy, the box came down.

Critical outage occurred. Building power maintenance being performed turning off one power leg leaving the TS7700 running on one PDU and that one failed. The box ultimately came down, having a 3rd of 4th PDU would've allowed this frame to stay pow...
about 1 month ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Detaching BVIR processing from IBMTOOLS - Integration in TS7700 GUI

Hi, every TS7700 user knows the procedure with downloading ibmload, ibmcntl, ibmjcl... from the ibmtools library etc. This is necessary to be able to further process BVIR data generated by the system on the zos. In order to be able to process new ...
about 2 years ago in IBM TS7700 3 Future consideration

Make IBM Tape boxes able to generate a CSR much like their DASD counterparts

The IBM Tape boxes (TS7) currently do not allow the generation of a CSR (certificate signing request). This means you have to generate a certificate off of the box and upload both private and public keys. This is a gross misuse of security and I c...
over 1 year ago in IBM TS7700 2 Future consideration

REST API for TS7700

We would like to have an option to check the configuration of a TS7700 with an automated script. What pools, SMS constructs, how many volsers, etc. are configured.We have good experiences in REST API with DS8000 and would like to have a REST API i...
over 4 years ago in IBM TS7700 2 Planned for future release

Emergency/recovery encryption key generation for External Disk Encryption with TS7700

On DS8K there is an option for creating an emergency/Recovery Key on a USB stick - a final resort in case the GKLM setup is fully damaged. Such 'final backdoor option' is not existing for TS7700. We absolutely need same functionality for the TS7700.
12 months ago in IBM TS7700 0 Future consideration