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IBM TS7700

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In local Encryption Context , Customer have no wy to check encryption status. This lead into long run discussion with no ending when need to supply encryption evidence to SecurityAudit Team"

When only have FC5272 using local encryption mgr, for data at rest . VTS admin people cannot supply trustable evidences to Security Team about the encryption status. We raise a case TS015965829 , we were explain, the the VTS MI data encryption tab...
about 1 month ago in IBM TS7700 4 Functionality already exists

Please add ACME Client for TSSC

Most if not all companies no longer allow Self-Signed Certs on their network. Most if not all organizations are requiring 90 day, 180 day or 365 Day certificate renewals. On TSSC this is a cumbersome task .. especially for 90 day cert renewals. A ...
15 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

VTS - Simplify RSYSLOG and TLS configuration

Currently to enable RSYSLOG with TLS is cumbersome and not the same as on other interfaces like TSSC. As documented RSyslog - IBM Documentation one has to add specific certificates with an alias to enable or disable TLS for the RSYSLOG connections...
15 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Planned for future release

Pre-migration Queue Threshold Alert

Description: This would be useful to quickly identify issues with the VTS that can happen should it stop offloading to physical tape for any reason. Currently there is no alert, and the first symptom of trouble will come from long running jobs tha...
11 months ago in IBM TS7700 0 Planned for future release

LWORM immutability

why is it useful? append is still a change, closer to an air gap solution who would benefit? Sheltered Harbor and applications seeking to create immutable copies on tape using LWORM how should it work? A global parm to allow or not allow a tape da...
2 months ago in IBM TS7700 1 Planned for future release

Prevent from PMT / CPYT Throttling when PMTHLVL is exceeded but TS7700 is not at 100% Disk usage

Measures must be taken to avoid host I/O throttling kicking in solely based on the PMTHLVL. It is understandable that TS7700 prioritized work load to free up cache in order to receive new data from host. But when there is no need for Pre-Migration...
18 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Allow emergency change of PMTHLVL w/o intervention from IBM Technician

Whenever the amount of data in the Premigration Queue becomes higher that the setting defined in PMTHLVL, a cluster may start to throttle Host I/O almost immediately. This may have a high impact on workload with high throughput. Since Feature Code...
18 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Provide a possibility to Prioritize Work Load from customer side

TS7700 must provide a possibility to prioritize workload (Pre-Migration, Host I/O, Copy processes) on customer's demand. TS7700 can have several limitations defined, which may lead to situation where front end (host I/O) work load is lower priorit...
18 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

TSS - Enable DNS over TLS

To implement concepts like zero-trust it must be possible to define in the TSS management console the Name Server as a secured one using DNSSEC and either DNS over HTTPS (DoH) or DNS over TLS (DoT).
5 months ago in IBM TS7700 0 Future consideration

Enable TS7700 for Open Systems bei Adding the S3 Protocol

The TS700 has everything enterprise customers need. It has backend tape, it is a grid, it has all replication capabilities and so on. It could be the perfect system for multipetabyte data from open systems, e.g. tiering from data to tape out of co...
about 1 year ago in IBM TS7700 1 Future consideration