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IBM TS7700

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Prevent from PMT / CPYT Throttling when PMTHLVL is exceeded but TS7700 is not at 100% Disk usage

Measures must be taken to avoid host I/O throttling kicking in solely based on the PMTHLVL. It is understandable that TS7700 prioritized work load to free up cache in order to receive new data from host. But when there is no need for Pre-Migration...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Allow emergency change of PMTHLVL w/o intervention from IBM Technician

Whenever the amount of data in the Premigration Queue becomes higher that the setting defined in PMTHLVL, a cluster may start to throttle Host I/O almost immediately. This may have a high impact on workload with high throughput. Since Feature Code...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Provide a possibility to Prioritize Work Load from customer side

TS7700 must provide a possibility to prioritize workload (Pre-Migration, Host I/O, Copy processes) on customer's demand. TS7700 can have several limitations defined, which may lead to situation where front end (host I/O) work load is lower priorit...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Buffered log design Enhancement to take advantage of the 65 GB virtual volumes

The majority of TS7700 customers are using in the Data Class setting for Virtual Volume Sizes the default 3490 Counters Handling of “Surface EOT”.There are various reasons why a customer does not want to switch to “Wrap Supported” e.g., they back-...
about 2 months ago in IBM TS7700 2 Not under consideration

Please add ACME Client for TSSC

Most if not all companies no longer allow Self-Signed Certs on their network. Most if not all organizations are requiring 90 day, 180 day or 365 Day certificate renewals. On TSSC this is a cumbersome task .. especially for 90 day cert renewals. A ...
21 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Add duplicate volser tolerance to copy export merge and cluster/grid merge process

I attached a präsentation about this requirement
over 1 year ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

TS7700 - Customer request 3rd or 4th level power redundancy within the frame - critical outage occurred because building power maintenance left the TS7700 running on one PDU and that one failed. Without addtional redundancy, the box came down.

Critical outage occurred. Building power maintenance being performed turning off one power leg leaving the TS7700 running on one PDU and that one failed. The box ultimately came down, having a 3rd of 4th PDU would've allowed this frame to stay pow...
about 1 month ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Make VTS performance numbers easily available

VEC VTS performed automatic reboot due to lack of memory. System started to page, and there is no easy way to monitor paging or any other critical VTS performance numbers. To monitor paging (and other critical resources) those numbers need to easi...
over 2 years ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

TS7700 Web Management Interface for IBM BP

Supply to IBM BP a TS7700 WEB MI as a remote tool or demo
over 4 years ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Check and Validate data on Export media

There is a government regulation for checking information on external physical tapes. External tape information can now only be checked on a single and clean cluster that is not in the grid and we can't do any data validation on exported media.
over 2 years ago in IBM TS7700 0 Not under consideration