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IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM)

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Add the ability to restart the CSM service from the GUI or API

In some companies the CSM administrator does not have administrative control of the servers or instances that it runs on. There are times when a restart of the CSM service is required (certificate updates, server changes, etc). Being able to resta...
about 1 year ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 0 Future consideration

Support GC-GC cascaded start option in 3 site MT sessions

When using CSM for migration scenarios in 3 site topologies, a typical approach is to migrate via PPRC Failover or HyperSwap from old MGM cascade to a new GC-GC cascade. Today, the new GC-GC cascade requires to use temporary 2 site MM sessions bei...
9 months ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 0 Future consideration

Site locations to inherit the location of the devices

Have sessions inherit the site locations that are configured for the devices that are involved in the session. Currently the site locations are custom fields that could be set to any text. You can select any location even ones that don't match the...
about 2 years ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 0 Future consideration

Secure all of Copy Services Manager for z/OS via SAF

SAF Access Currently the Copy Services Manager product that we are using, that is installed and running under z/OS, is accessed and governed by a GUI via a web browser with the appropriate IP address and port number. To logon to the CSM GUI, we pr...
over 6 years ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 1 Future consideration

CSM enhancement request to have two CSM active servers to work with some user's responsibility

One customer in Japan is now implementing CSM environment on z/OS to manage FlashCopy and Global Mirror on DS8Ks. They are now using Hitach's shadow images (SI) and universal replicator (UR) and they will replace IBM DS8K's FC and GM with CSM mana...
over 4 years ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 0 Future consideration

Session recovery via query

CSM is currently designed to stop monitoring underlying replication in an event where certain types of communication failures occur with a subsystem (say after panic/warmstart). It's designed this way to not inadvertently monitor relationships tha...
over 1 year ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 2 Future consideration

CSM support for cascaded 4-site replication

Our 4-site environment is a cascaded replication from A-B-C-D where A-B is metro mirror, B-C is a Global mirror, C-D is a global copy. I see in CSM 6.2.6, there is a 4-site support added but it is a MMGMGCreplication., which is A-B (MM), A-C (GM),...
about 4 years ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 4 Future consideration

Need better support to use specific CSM server IP address/hostname

Currently CSM does not have a documented way to define a specific IP address or hostname to be used for the CSM service. I found following potential places where this can be configured, but there could be other places as well: - ../wlp/usr/servers...
over 5 years ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 0 Future consideration

CSM CSM/FCMGR should implemented support of ALL supported MSS

MSS 3 war introduced 5 year ago (with z13) Page 20 and 21: (Now we are migrating from z14 to z15) IBM Utilities / Programs have implemented MSS 3 support (without RFEs) I'll do RFE if this he...
about 4 years ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 0 Future consideration

CSM Incremental Flashcopy Options

Global Mirror Either Direction w/ Two Site Practice. We have the incremental option switched on in the session properties for 'H1-I1 and H2-I2 Options'.This is to allow us to take a daily flashcopy to the H2 volumes at the remote site. A full back...
over 2 years ago in IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) 1 Future consideration