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IBM TS7700

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Implement the possibility to balance host I/O throttling on cache partition level

When TS7700 runs into host I/O throttling, this throttling is equal across all CPx partitions today. Since work load on different CPx may have higher or lower priority in the business/application context, it is required to have the possibility to ...
14 days ago in IBM TS7700 0 Submitted

insert more than two media categories/types for logical volumes

Today there are only two media categories available for defining logical volumes in an IBM VTS - Media Type Cartidge System Tape and Enhanced Cartridge. But you can define the volumes as 400MB, 800MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 25GB in the library. Since w...
17 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Needs more information

Introduce a new command to create additional cache copies within a grid out of existing ones

It is required to have the possibility to create new copies of virtual tapes out of existing (cache) copies in the same grid. As of today, it is not possible to create additional cached copies once the CCP is correct. TS7700 does not distinguish t...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 0 Under review

Introduce a new value for the maximum allowed PMTHLVL in the SETTING or SETTING2 command response

It is required to have the currently allowed maximum of PMTHLVL in the SETTING(2) Library Request command response, e.g. as PMTHMAX This way it is possible to have a check running to verify against the current setting of PMTHLVL. Rational: It is p...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Under review

Implementation of PMTHLVL default equal to the total of Feature Codes defined on the Cluster

PMTHLVL is set to a default of 10’000 once a TS7770 cluster is started for the first time, no matter if all other settings were cloned from another (replaced) cluster. It is required to have the default value PMTHLVL set to the total of activated ...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Planned for future release

Implement alerting for PMT / CPYT

Values for PMT and/or CPYT must have the possibility to get alerted whenever a certain threshold is reached. Threshold can be Zero or - if possible - a fixed level in the SETTING or microcode. Alerting from the microcode allows faster reaction tha...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Planned for future release

Add the ability to use RSA for MFA on TS7700s / TSSC

Add the ability to use RSA for MFA on TS7700s / TSSC On the DS8K line we can use RSA for MFA we'd just like to have this ability for IBM tape so we can use the same method for both IBM storage solutions. As of now I believe the only way for MFA on...
8 days ago in IBM TS7700 0 Submitted

Prevent from PMT / CPYT Throttling when PMTHLVL is exceeded but TS7700 is not at 100% Disk usage

Measures must be taken to avoid host I/O throttling kicking in solely based on the PMTHLVL. It is understandable that TS7700 prioritized work load to free up cache in order to receive new data from host. But when there is no need for Pre-Migration...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Allow emergency change of PMTHLVL w/o intervention from IBM Technician

Whenever the amount of data in the Premigration Queue becomes higher that the setting defined in PMTHLVL, a cluster may start to throttle Host I/O almost immediately. This may have a high impact on workload with high throughput. Since Feature Code...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration

Provide a possibility to Prioritize Work Load from customer side

TS7700 must provide a possibility to prioritize workload (Pre-Migration, Host I/O, Copy processes) on customer's demand. TS7700 can have several limitations defined, which may lead to situation where front end (host I/O) work load is lower priorit...
25 days ago in IBM TS7700 1 Not under consideration