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Spectrum Discover

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Horizontal scaling of spcetrum environement in Openshift

In order to optimize the general performance of the Discover spectrum environment implemented in Openshift, it seems important to us to consider that benefiting from the horizontal scalability capabilities in Openshift would be a must For example,...
11 months ago in Spectrum Discover 0 Future consideration

Reallowing non-root Spectrum Scale connections to Spectrum Discover after ESS security enhancements

Spectrum Scale connections are considered the most effective way to provide metadata from IBM ESS storage to Spectrum Discover since both systems are IBM-based. The following IBM video guide outlines the steps for correctly set up Scale connection...
over 2 years ago in Spectrum Discover 1 Functionality already exists

Add a dictionary search

We can already use regex to inspect documents and add tags to them. But is there a more convenient way to add whole dictionaries? I would like to add the following functionality: We define a dictionary called "Hamburg" with hundreds or possibly th...
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Discover 2 Not under consideration

HDFS support for scanning

Allow Spectrum Discover to scan hdfs data lake environments to identify data candidates for our use cases (AI, governance, data heat).
almost 3 years ago in Spectrum Discover 0 Future consideration

Multipile tags created via single REST API request

Currently, tags must be created one by one using a POST request to spectrum discover. Attempting to send a list of tags in JSON like: [ { "tag" : "test1" , "type" : "Characteristics" , "value" : "[ \" True \" , \" False \" ]" } , { "tag" : "test2"...
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Discover 1 Future consideration

Bulk adding tags to files via REST API without a policy

We use a SQL select query to fetch files from the Spectrum Discover metaocean table and let a script work on these files. The script produces a JSON file with the fkey of every file and a JSON dictionary with tags that we want to add. Since we're ...
12 months ago in Spectrum Discover 1 Not under consideration

Limiting scan permissions for connection

Currently when scanning a connection, Spectrum Discover will index everything. Having the ability to add a connection, but exclude certain paths in that connection based on a set of criteria would be very beneficial. A similar option to how we add...
almost 3 years ago in Spectrum Discover 0 Planned for future release

Allow custom configuration of Spectrum Scale scanner

Allow the specification of Spectrum Scale "mmapplypolicy" command details to tailor the scanning granularity for Spectrum Discover. E.g. do not scan snapshots by e.g. not scanning the .mmsnapshot directory.
about 3 years ago in Spectrum Discover 1 Not under consideration

Extend DEEP INSPECT model (SDK and Appliance) to allow user to send metadata to the application.

Today, one can create a Discover deep-inspect agent/application that executes operations on a Scale file system. As an example, there is an application available on github to collect the Scale user-defined attribute and assign it to a Discover tag...
about 3 years ago in Spectrum Discover 0 Future consideration

Chargeback use case - more generally, Enable policies to create/define metadata using arithmetic expressions.

In summary, customers want to be able to perform arithmetic expressions and, if possible, leverage db2wh functions when defining policy to assign value to a tag. For example, customer wants to assign chargeback amount to a tag, "cost" as follows:c...
about 3 years ago in Spectrum Discover 0 Planned for future release