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Cloud Object Storage System

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Provide support for Performance Graphs in the Manager for containers (buckets), as currently exists for vaults.

In COS vault mode we utilize the performance graphs within the Manager Vault page. RBC runs both Vault and Container (no mixed mode) clusters. Having the ability to view the same Performance Graphs at either at the Storage Account or preferably th...
about 1 month ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Network option for Ceph Ready Nodes

Our customers have asked us to upgrade their network performance and availability for Ceph Ready Nodes. Therefore, we would like you to add networking options as well as disk drives. - Number of NIC ports. Currently, with only two ports(10GbE), cu...
9 months ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Swagger support for REST APIs

Add support for Swagger so that COS devices and config can be integrated with Swagger.
11 months ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Certificate key authentication supported for SFTP log transfers

Customer would like to use an SSL Public Key option for the configured SFTP connection in the 'Settings--Support--Logs--Log Collection--Log Collection Configuration--Log Destination' Log Collection Configuration page. There is an SSL/TLS certifica...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

S3 to Tape

Provide a mechanism to flush out/tier older objects at bucket level from COS to tape ideally while preserving some kind of object level reference in the source bucket not having to rely on data movement at the application layer or leverage the COS...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Container Mode support for embedded accessers

with the new AWS S3 Object Lock functionality we're opening tons of new use-cases to COS. this is great! unfortunately S3 Object Lock is only supported on container modes, not vault modes. smaller COS systems with embedded accesser configs are lim...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Manager database backup to a Cloud bucket - adding custom CAs

The COS Manager database backup to a Cloud bucket feature needs some enhancements. Today you can configure the Manager database backup to an S3 bucket using either the Manager UI or the REST API with any HTTPS endpoint using a certificate issued b...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Virgina Tech: Allow/deny lists for APIs. IBM COS in our installation lives on a campus network with thousands of untrusted users. Narrowing the scope of networks that can access the manager and data APIs would be helpful in keeping the threat posed by untrusted users accessing an API to a minimum.

Allowing creation of allow/deny lists for access to the manager API and data API, in addition to the included controls on IPs allowed to access vaults, and our own two factor solution for authenticating users would be helpful.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Virginia Tech: Leveraging the built in rsyslog daemon to forward logs is a preferable path for many users (including us!) to avoid having to deploy an external agent. Making sure all COS internal applications log through rsyslog, instead of their own loggers like log4j or other libraries, would be helpful.

It would also be helpful if the COS syslog forwarding options included rsyslog hooks to allow forwarding all logs via insertion of a rule such as "*.*"
over 1 year ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted

Virginia Tech: The external agent API endpoint consumes a customer provided tarball, unpacks it and then launches a process using the scripts in the tarball. The tarball is unpacked with whatever file ownership options were passed to tar during its creation. For some applications, this causes problems as the scripts are run as root, but the file ownership is still based on the tar file inputs. The request is to unpack the tarball with customer selectable UGO permissions.

Unpacking the tarball with the appropriate tar flags to ignore the ownership and substitute root or updating the file agent documentation to request the customer producing the tarball use the --owner=root and --group=root options may help customer...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Object Storage System 0 Submitted